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Musical Arts

Students at City Tree have many a vast number of opportunities to learn, grow, and develop their musical talent. From the spring show, performing in the Coronado Christmas parade, guitar lessons, piano lessons, jazz band, choir, chapel and AV production, there are a number of ways for students to be involved at City Tree musically. 

Piano Lessons: City Tree students in K-8th grade have the opportunity to take Piano lessons on campus after school. All experience levels are welcome. These lessons teach a fundamental approach to various styles of music. Lessons are taught weekly in 30 minute group sessions. Voice lessons also available. For more information, contact Rodney Girvin (rodney.girvin@fpcsd.prg). 

Guitar Lessons: City Tree students have the opportunity to take guitar lessons before or after school.  Students will learn to read music, guitar tabs, and to perform at chapel and other school events. Students are encouraged to bring their own guitar. To sign up, contact Luigi Chun. 

Jazz Band: Select City Tree students are allowed to participate in the Jazz Band.  For more information, contact Luigi Chun. 

Choir: City Tree offers a variety of choral opportunities.  For more information, contact Andrew Michel.

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