Student Life

"I have been blessed with amazing friends and incredible teachers that have taught and inspired me."

- City Tree Student

Performing Arts

City Tree education includes music classes, band, jazz band, and choir.  Students from preschool through 8th grade are given the opportunity to develop their musical talents. 


Visual Arts

Students learn about the different elements of art, as well as famous artists. Graphite, chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolors, tempura, clay, paper collage, printmaking, markers, yarn, weaving looms are some of the mediums children use in a wide-range of two and three dimensional art projects.



City Tree Christian School strives to be an environment that effectively integrates technology into the classroom curriculum to broaden and enhance both teaching and learning. Therefore, City Tree has partnered with Beyond Technology  to inspire K-8 administrators, teachers and students to use computer technology to improve innovation, complex problem solving and creative thinking within their classroom curriculum.


Spiritual Life

Students are challenged to grow spiritually through weekly chapel, memory verses, daily devotions and prayer, and Biblical curriculum taught throughout the year. During chapel, children communicate God's word to each other by acting out stories from Scripture, drawing pictures to illustrate a verse or theme, sharing examples from their lives, or role- playing lessons from our theme.


Service Opportunities

City Tree students are encouraged to serve those around them.  From serving on student council, to partnering with Ladle Ministry to feed the homeless, to leading worship at chapel, our students engage the world around them and learn how to use their gifts to serve others. 


Class Trips

Our teachers work hard to develop meaningful learning experiences outside the classroom that bring depth and breadth to the curriculum. From preschool trips to Classics for Kids, to Elementary school trips to Sacramento, and Middle School trips to Catalina Island and Washington, DC, each student at City Tree is given the opportunity to grow.



Spanish instruction begins in preschool and builds throughout elementary and middle school. When students successfully complete City Tree's Spanish language program they are prepared for second year Spanish in high school. 


Athletics & Physical Fitness

City Tree's physical education program includes instruction on our Rooftop Playground, weekly Park Days at Balboa Park, trips to the Kroc Center for middle school, regular Fun Runs, and before school Mileage Club.  Students can also take advantage of the extra curricular sports available including basketball and volleyball.


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