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Voice on Education: Who We Are

Voice on Education are a group of educators, parents and members of the San Diego community who are passionate about Christian Education.

Why do we blog?

We blog to start a conversation about education in general and Christian education specifically. We want to engage those who are interested in education – educators, parents, students or anyone with a vested interest in our community. Our goal is to be a thought leader on Christian Education in San Diego. We want to encourage our community to engage in conversations about education in order to grow and struggle and be inspired. By sharing our ideas, communicating our goals, and relating our struggles, we hope to spark a deeper passion for Christian education.

What do we blog about?

Articles will range in topic from the theoretical to the practical, from preschool education to high school, and from classroom education to education in any context. We will strive to answer questions like,

  • How do we best educate our children as a whole community?

  • What are the strengths and struggles in Christian Education today?

  • What are the different methods employed by local schools to successfully teach our children?

How can I get involved?

Have a topic related to Christian Education that you’re passionate about? Reach out to us about being a guest writer. Join us. Engage with us.

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