Spiritual Life

Our school helps children learn to love God with all their hearts, souls, and minds. We educate the whole child: body, mind, and spirit, so that in turn, children can more fully love God and each other.

In order to help them develop a thoroughly Christian and Biblical worldview, we introduce children to a completely God-centered orientation of life,

  • Students begin each day with devotions
  • Prayer is integrated into the daily classroom routine.
  • Christian Education is taught to all age levels.
  • Students attend chapel weekly.
  • Students are given the opportunity to share Christ’s love through our sister school in Liberia, Africa and other mission ogranizations in our city, our nation, and the world.
  • Bible verses are taught  and memorized.
  • Teachers and staff weave lessons from God's Word into "teachable moments" throughout the day.
  • Faith is an integral part of each of our lives, and there are times, in all subject areas, that Biblical perspectives are woven into instruction and classroom discussions.

Christian Education - Preschool

Each Monday students are introduced to a new Bible story from the Beginner's Bible. The entire preschool focuses on the same story each week which features a Bible character, related memory verse and character trait.

Preschool Bible Curriculum, Memory Verse 2017-2018

Christian Education - K-8

Our Christian Education Standards give direction for each grade level's classroom Bible instruction. Kindergarten and 1st graders use simple picture Bibles as they read and learn God's Word. Grades 2-8 have class sets of Bibles for students to use.

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Chapel - Preschool

Chapel ties directly to the Bible lessons taught in class. Each Friday at 9am, City Tree's preschool children gather for chapel. They join together for singing, prayer, memory verse review and the Bible story that reinforces the character trait for the week. One class is responsible for teaching the Bible lesson.They may act out the story, use a felt board or puppets, recite a patterned chorus or sing a related song to communicate God's Word. We also take time to acknowledge children who exhibit the special character trait that is the focus of the week. Parents are always welcome to attend chapel.

Chapel - K-8

Chapel services revolve around a yearly theme. Some of our past themes have been: The Fruits of the Spirit, The Life of Jesus, and Heroes of the Bible. Each week our Bible lessons, songs, memory verses, and character traits relate to our theme. Each Friday, Kindergarten-8th grade students come together for chapel at 10:30-11:10. Stduents sit in "chapel families," led by 7th and 8th grade students. This format mixes up the Kindergarten to 8th grade students and remind us that we are all part of the body of Christ. Our worship time begins with prayer and joyful singing, led by our chapel team or school choir. On some weeks our lesson is taught by a guest speaker, typically a pastor from First Presbyterian Church or an invited youth minister from another church. On other weeks, classes take turns being responsible for teaching the Bible lessons. Students communicate God's word  to each other by acting out stories from Scripture, drawing pictures to illustrate a verse or theme, sharing examples from their lives, or role playing lessons from our theme. Our chapel team assists each week by leading prayer, playing instruments, directing singing, and helping with audio visual equipment. Awards are given in chapel each week to students who exhibit the character trait that connects to our story and theme.

Memory Verse Program, K-8

Our weekly memory verse connects with our chapel lesson. By learning their verses each week, children prepare for chapel, and each verse seems to stay with them much longer. Children have an uncanny ability to memorize God's Word. Often verses that are learned as a child are remembered into adulthood. This is the kind of legacy that the City Tree staff would like to leave with each child. Our K-4 students have special memory verse recognition activities at school when they memorize 10 verses and 20 verses. We celebrate with K-8 students who have learned all 30 verses for the year with a special event in June off campus.

For 6th-8th grade students, memory verse memorization is built into their Christian Education curriculum. Part of their participation grade in these classes is learning their memory verses.

K-8 Memory Verses 2017-2018

K-8 Chapel Yearly Plan 2017-2018

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Our Sister School in Liberia

In September 2008, City Tree Christian School adopted St. Paul's in Liberia, Africa as its sister school. Touched by the plight of Liberian children, many of whom had never had the opportunity to attend school, the City Tree students from preschool through eighth grade raised funds for St. Paul's by collecting change and organizing other fund-raising events.  We planned special activities such as uniform, book, and school supply collections. During the 2014-2015 school year St. Paul's was closed due to the Ebola crisis.  School has opened again for the 2015-2016 school year.  It's exciting to learn about another country and culture and realize how much we have in common as God's children.


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