Children will excel academically, be good citizens, and know God when we provide educational experiences, needed care and protection in a loving Christian environment. The school curriculum introduces children to a completely God-centered orientation of life, to help them develop a thoroughly Christian and Biblical worldview. Children will be taught a Christian way of living and playing together, interpreted through the teachings of Jesus Christ. They will learn to think of their world as given by God because of His perfect love for them. Each child develops differently and comes to school with a unique set of experiences; our teachers thoughtfully consider these individual needs as they daily work with students.

We believe...

  • The Bible provides the perfect foundation to teach the whole child: mind, body, and spirit.
  • Students should be given opportunities to become eloquent and competent communicators of spoken and written language.
  • Children should be taught peaceful means to resolve conflicts and interpersonal problems.
  • Teachers should empower students to become independent thinkers and learners.
  • Classrooms should be structured in a way that invites students to make choices to manage their own learning.
  • Parents are partners in education and should be actively involved in school life.
  • Service to others is a fundamental part of life.
  • Technological literacy is essential for success in today's world.
  • Learning is a lifelong process.

Mission Statement
City Tree Christian School serves as an outreach ministry for First Presbyterian Church San Diego, dedicated to academic excellence integrated with the teachings of Jesus Christ found in the Bible.

Parent’s Role
Families at City Tree Christian School share certain values and standards, which define and impose proper behavior required of all students (for example: no foul or abusive language or aggressive or intimidating actions toward others). We also expect parents to model those same behaviors in their interactions with all the staff and children at City Tree Christian School. A parent's involvement in their child's education is critical to success.

School Board’s Role
City Tree’s School Board sets policy, gives long term direction, establishes the budget, and oversees the scholarship fund. The five -seven member board is appointed by the senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church, serves three year terms, and consists of church members and school parents. The school board president, Karen Baker, can be reached at