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2nd Grade

Second graders have the chance to participate in Advanced Choir, which performs special pieces at our Christmas and Spring music programs. As in kindergarten and first grade, they take Spanish, Music, and Art as part of their regular curriculum. 

Second grade also tends to be a year where we see kids fall in love with reading. Not only is our second grade teacher a reading specialist and passionate about fostering a love of reading in her students, we also have classroom libraries of books, teacher and parent volunteers who read aloud “with all the voices,” and a large, school-wide library.

2nd Grade at a Glance

  • Advanced Choir Opportunity

  • Christmas and Spring Programs

  • Spanish, Music, Art Classes Become Regular

  • Family like Community

  • Christian Education

2nd Grade Class Website, made by Mercedes Runnells!

A Note from our 2nd Grade Teacher

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