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What Values Define the School Your Student Attends?

A Closer Look at the Values that Define CTCS

Choosing the right school for your child is a significant decision, one that impacts their growth, values, and future. City Tree Christian School in San Diego stands out as an educational institution that not only imparts academic excellence but also nurtures a set of core values that will guide students throughout their lives. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the values that define City Tree Christian School.

1. We are a Diverse Family-Like Community

City Tree is a caring community which supports families and students by creating a bond between students of various ages and cultures. This nurturing environment creates meaningful connections among students, creating a close-knit and family-like community.

2. We Grow Fully Engaged Citizens

City Tree's curriculum and culture are purposefully designed to instill a sense of responsibility in its students. The educational journey begins in preschool, where students lay the foundational building blocks of their education. Elementary school builds upon this foundation, while middle school encourages academic responsibility and empowers students to take ownership of their learning.

3. We Partner with Parents

City Tree recognizes the critical role parents play in a child's education. The school is committed to engaging with parents in an honest and gracious manner, working collaboratively to provide the best possible support to students as they develop, learn, and mature. This partnership ensures that students receive consistent guidance and support both at home and in school.

4. We Nurture Christ-Centered Learning

As a Christ-centered school, City Tree not only nurtures the faith of existing Christians but also extends a warm welcome to seekers. No matter what your beliefs are, our approach is centered around building genuine relationships with families, building trust, and providing a nurturing environment for students. City Tree's commitment to faith-based education is woven into every aspect of the school experience.

5. We Champion Academic Excellence

City Tree's commitment to academic excellence is evident in its vibrant and comprehensive educational opportunities. The curriculum is designed to develop the whole child, ensuring that students excel academically while also gaining proficiency in core subjects like math, science, and language arts.

Beyond the basics, City Tree students also explore music, band, art, Spanish, technology, and Christian education. City Tree believes in broadening students' horizons by offering diverse experiences inside and outside the classroom. From middle school trips to Indian Hills Camp, Catalina Island, and the East Coast, to engaging school events like the Multicultural Fair, Science Fair, Christmas Program, Grandparents Day, Spring Show, Art Show, Preschool STEM, and music performances – students at City Tree have opportunities to discover their passions and develop leadership skills.

In conclusion, City Tree Christian School stands as a shining example of an educational institution that not only provides academic excellence but also instills a strong sense of community, responsibility, and faith-based values. We are a diverse and family-like community who partners with parents, champions academic growth, and equips students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become responsible and compassionate citizens.

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