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City Tree offers full or part time preschool for children ages 2 through 5 years old. 


Our staff is dedicated to providing quality care and education for each child. We are very proud of the caliber and longevity of our well qualified teaching staff, among the finest in San Diego County.

Grow Creativity

City Tree preschoolers have many opportunities to experience the world through a creative lens. Art is a wonderful medium for children to express their creativity and also helps develop small motor and eye-hand coordination. Music and movement are also ways for children to express themselves creatively. At City Tree, children sing and move regularly in their classrooms, have a special music class once a week, and sing and dance in chapel every Friday.

Grow Friendship

Preschoolers learn how to show sympathy and kindness to others and how to use words and critical thinking to settle conflicts and solve problems. These skills are the basis for healthy life-long friendships. With practice and the encouraging, pro-social environment that City Tree provides, preschoolers begin to navigate relationships with ease and skill. The friendships formed at City Tree often last through childhood and beyond!

Grow Independence

As children learn to happily separate from parents, they gain a confidence that fuels their cognitive development. City Tree teachers lovingly help children discover all of the things they are capable of at each age, while giving them the time and space they need to grow at their own pace. This process helps children learn about themselves, others, and God in a way that is empowering and enduring.

Preschool at a Glance

Music Classes
School Garden
Before & After School Care
Downtown Location
Family Like Community

"I sent my two daughters to the preschool at City Tree and it is wonderful.  The entire staff, from the front desk to the teachers, are devoted to the kids."

- City Tree Parent

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