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Middle School

Middle School students are maturing both physically and emotionally, preparing to accept greater responsibility in all areas of their lives. City Tree challenges its students to grow intellectually and embrace the possibilities of their future. 

Grow Leadership

City Tree students are required to be active participants in their education by engaging in various learning activities inside and outside the classroom.  Through student council, chapel leadership, and multiple class trips, middle school students are challenged to understand who they are in the world and utilize their gifts and skills to help improve their community. 

Grow Intellect

Our students become critical thinkers and problem solvers who analyze, assimilate, and apply new information effectively in various situations, use a variety of resources effectively and demonstrate the ability to use analytical reasoning skills

Grow Compassion

Our students are culturally sensitive Individuals who experience and understand the Arts in order to appreciate them, understand and value their own cultural heritage and that of others, and have a multicultural worldview with a Christian perspective

Middle School at a Glance

Music and Visual Arts
Learning Beyond the Classroom
Enrichment Programs
Leadership Opportunities
Family-Like Community

"The focus on the complete educational experience can not be over-stated, and I believe your kids will benefit as much as mine."

- Peter, CTCS Parent

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