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Our Program

Our Program

City Tree Christian School offers programs for Infants through grade 8. Our curriculum not only motivates academic excellence, but also provides a framework through which children learn to develop critical and analytical reasoning skills, appreciate the arts and creative expression, develop strong minds and bodies, and become model citizens and leaders. It lays a foundation for spiritual development that will guide the growth of personal, physical, and professional relationships and behaviors.

Our Curriculum

The elementary and middle school curriculum emphasizes reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Christian education, art, and physical education. Preschool children are introduced to number and pre-reading skills through a variety of mediums and learning environments as developmentally appropriate for each age group. Parents and community volunteers offer their time and talents to provide special help for our students.


Our Enrichment Opportunities

At CTCS, students participate in many special events, extracurricular activities, and are provided a variety of enriching experiences and opportunities throughout the school year. 

"Growth does not happen all at once; it is a process - a beautiful process that is a joy to watch."

- Sue Kennedy, principal

Grow Faith

Our students strive to be Christ-like Individuals who understand the value and dignity of themselves and others, desire to serve others and use the gifts God has given them.

Grow  Creativity

Our students learn to be effective communicators who utilize spoken and written communication skillfully, incorporate technology as a means of communication, use creative self expression to make their thoughts and ideas understood clearly and demonstrate literacy by meeting or exceeding established academic standards.

Grow Minds

Our students become critical thinkers and problem solvers who analyze, assimilate, and apply new information effectively in various situations, use a variety of resources effectively and demonstrate the ability to use analytical reasoning skills

Grow Responsibility

Our students are productive Individuals who establish effective work and study habits including organization and time management, demonstrate responsibility for themselves and others in all areas: academically, spiritually, socially, and physically, exhibit the skill and desire to be lifelong learners, evaluate their own strengths and interests and plan for the future.

Grow Community

Our students become model citizens who work and play together cooperatively, exhibit leadership and conflict resolution skills, show respect for the rights of others, make informed choices and understand the consequences for their actions

Grow Compassion

Our students are culturally sensitive Individuals who experience and understand the Arts in order to appreciate them, understand and value their own cultural heritage and that of others, and have a multicultural worldview with a Christian perspective

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