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My Wonderful Family

There are mountains close where I reside. When I was born, I was the youngest of three siblings. My father is a high school math teacher, and my mother works in a large hospital as a nurse. My brothers are extremely intelligent and dedicated to their education. My sister is a little jittery, but she's also a really nice person. Our family includes my granny. At the age of two, she emigrated to the United States from Italy. However, she is still a formidable force in her old age. She's a great cook!

My family is very important to me

With each other, we do a lot of things. My brothers and I like hiking in the mountains for lengthy periods of time. My granny and my younger sister like cooking together. We gather as a family on the weekends to play board games. We enjoy one other's company and are often laughing. My love for my family has no bounds.

My Wonderful Family

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