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K-8th Grade Uniforms

Our K-8th Grade students wear uniforms during the academic year. Uniforms can be purchased from a variety of vendors including Old Navy, French Toast or The Uniform Store. To purchase uniforms with the City Tree logo, please order through The Uniform Store. Please be sure that all clothing purchased for your child complies with our uniform policy.  

Pick up/Drop Off Locations

Due to COVID, parents will be dropping their children off curbside this year instead of walking them into the building. View our interactive map to find your pick up/drop off location.  Parking locations are also marked for your convenience.

Children enrolled in extended care have a separate drop off and pick up schedule.  See details in the link below. 

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Parsons to Persons

 A daily message from the Pastors of First Presbyterian Church to our community. What does it mean to share in community as a church in times such as these?

Facebook Community

Looking to connect to other City Tree Parents?  Share ideas, photos, and needs with each other.

"Everybody has a strength to share.  If we can tap into that - if people can find ways to contribute whatever their particular unique talent or gift is, then that really can change the world."

- Bill Shore

Parent Teacher Organization: PTO

The purpose of our Parent Teacher Organization is to promote open communication and understanding between parents and CTCS staff.  

Parent involvement in the PTO is vital to ensure your voice is heard and that you are actively engaged in what is going on in the school environment.  

“It was delightful to spend time with students who so enthusiastically embraced the philosophy of the school and expressed it so clearly through their daily lives.”

-WASC Accreditation Committee

2019 WASC Accreditation Update

In April, City Tree was up for its regular review by our accrediting agency, WASC.  The 2019 Accreditation Committee had this praise to offer about City Tree:


“It would be impossible not to be impressed by the level of dedication that seems apparent at every level of the school family.”


Explore Extracurriculars

We are excited to announce that we will continue offering the same great activities as last year like guitar, Spanish and piano. Plus, we will be adding a few new options like dance classes for K-3rd and 4th-8th grade. 

Parent Participation Program

Our classes, student programs, and Parent Teacher Organization events need your support to be effective and successful. In an effort to encourage that kind of support, all K-8 families are required to give 20 hours per year of volunteer time. This is a mandatory program that renews each school year.  Hours are due at the end of March each school year. Log in to FACTS Family Portal to submit your hours. Preschool parents are encouraged to volunteer at City Tree but are not required to.