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City Tree Christian School COVID-19 Updates

Our application for a waiver was approved by the County of San Diego, along with the California Department of Health.  As a result, City Tree will be open for in-person learning for our K-6 students on August 31st, providing we comply with all health and safety protocols.


The waiver applies specifically to K-6 students, but our preschool is open and will also begin the new school year on-site, August 31.  

For the last several months, we have been developing reopening plans to ensure healthy environments for our students, teachers, and staff.  Below you will find information about these reopening plans.  

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COVID-19 Prevention Plan

A full, detailed document outlining our K-8 reopening plan that details health and safety protections against COVID -19. 

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Health and Safety


A summary version of the K-8 COVID-19 Prevention Plan that highlights information and actions pertinent to City Tree families. 

Covid 19

Protocol for Exposures or Positive Cases

Measures that will be taken if a student, teacher or staff member has symptoms, is a contact of someone infected, or is diagnosed with COVID-19.

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Preschool Health and Safety


The Road Map outlines protocols that have been developed by teachers, staff and the school board, for in-person learning. 


Distance Learning Option

K- 8th Grade

Our Distance Learning Plan for parents who choose this option during the 2020/2021 school year. 

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Parent Webinar

City Tree Christian School hosted a webinar on August 13 to answer parent questions regarding our COVID-19 Prevention Plan and our plan for opening on campus in the fall.  The webinar was hosted by a panel that included school board members, teachers and our principal, Sue Kennedy. 

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