Admissions Policy

Children are accepted on a non-discriminatory basis. Although our student body exhibits a range of talents and academic abilities, City Tree Christian School does not have special educational programs for children with severe learning, emotional, behavioral or physical handicaps. Our low teacher to student ratios allows for personal attention, but does not provide special education students the class size that they might require. Students must be generally at grade level or above with no behavior or social problems. 

Before admission is granted, all parents must tour the school. Additional admission requirements for each age group:

  • Preschool: Child and parent visit classroom for half day
  • Kindergarten: Readiness test is given, parents meet with principal to discuss results and placement
  • Grade 1-5: Academic Assessment is given, parents meet with principal to discuss results and placement
  • Grade 6-8: Academic Assessment is given, parents and student meet with Middle School Director for interview

Once admitted, a student is given a two (2) week probationary status which allows for appropriate adjustment to the class/grade.

First priority in enrollment will be given to returning students and their siblings in good standing with CTCS. Vacancies will then be offered to those who have completed an application according to the date the application was received by the City Tree office and the student's fit with the overall mission of the school. A reasonable balance of ages and sexes of children is also taken into consideration when accepting students to the school and assigning them to a classroom.