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Our program includes extended care for both Preschool and K-8.  City Tree offers before-school childcare from 6:45am-8:30am, and an after-school program from 3:15pm-6:00pm.

There are two before school child care options:
     Extended Care 1     6:45am-8:30am
     Extended Care 2     7:15am-8:30am

There are two after-school program options:
     Extended Care 3     3:15pm-5:15pm
     Extended Care 4     3:15pm-6:00pm

Extended Care Fees:
Before and After School Childcare

   Annual FeesMonthly Installment
  Plan Times of Care Preschool
12 mon
10 mon
 All Ages
Morning Extended 1 6:45-8:30am  $960.00 $800.00 $80.00
  Extended 2 7:15-8:30am  $780.00 $650.00 $65.00
Afternoon* Extended 3 3:15-5:15pm  $1020.00 $850.00 $85.00
  Extended 4 3:15-6:00pm  $1260.00  $1050.00 $105.00

*Afternoon extended care not available to TTH part-time preschool class

Preschool Extended Care

The regular preschool day runs from 8:30-3:15. Before school care is available from 6:45-8:30am.  After school care is available from 3:15-6:00pm. The preschool teaching staff’s hours are staggered so that there are teachers and teaching assistants on duty from 6:45am - 6:00pm. 


6:45-7:15am All preschool children are together 
7:15-8:30am Additional teachers arrive and children are divided into age groups
8:30am All children are in their classroom with their assigned teacher. Children stay with their classroom groups until 3:15.
3:15-4:00pm Some classes are combined by age groups for outdoor play
4:00-5:15pm Additional classes are joined together as teachers go off duty and children leave for the day. 
5:15-6:00pm At the very end of the day, when the preschool group is small, all three age groups arecombined.

During extended care children enjoy both indoor and outdoor play. Story times, art activities, dramatic play, puzzles, and blocks are just some to the activities children choose from. Many extra curricular classes for preschool age children are held after the regular school day ends at 3:15. These classes include karate, PlayBall, dance, music & movement, piano, and Spanish.

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K-8 Extended Care

K-8 Before School Care
The Before School Care Program is staffed by City Tree K-8 teachers.  A wide variety of games and equipment are available for students to use both indoors and outdoors. Students socialize with friends and  choose their own activities while teachers offer supervision.


6:45-7:15am K-8 games and activities in Geneva Room
7:15-8:15am K-8 Playground
8:15-8:25am K-5 Playground

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City Tree After School (CTAS) 

Participants in City Tree’s K-8 After School Program are divided into developmental and age-appropriategroups.  Activity choices reflect our goals to meet each student’s developmental needs. The components of theprogram are:

Each day, children in grades 3-8 are given time to complete homework. Group Leaders are available to assist children with homework or projects that they may need to complete.  If a child does not have homework, an educational activity or reading will be completed.  Students are encouraged to have a book that they enjoy with them each day.  Kindergarten -2nd grade children participate in activities designed to strengthen literacy as well as other learning games.

Children participate in many different enrichment activities that include, but are not limited to, music, dance, science, community service projects, literature, art, sports, team building, and community development.

Snacks are provided on a daily basis.  If a child is particularly hungry or a very selective eater, parents are welcome to send a healthy snack with their child each. 

Recreational activities are included on a daily basis.  Students participate in a variety of sports and games.  Other activities offered daily include board games, puzzles, blocks, Legos, and cooperative games.  A wide range of activities are offered.

Computer Lab
Each group visits the computer lab for about 30 minutes one time a week during the After School Program.

Themes are incorporated into the after-school portion of the day.  These themes reinforce chapel and classroom lessons.  Children are recognized for their participation and achievement in theme-based activities.  Monthly special activities are chosen to reflect the important events and holidays related to the time of year.

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Program Schedule
A daily schedule is posted on the CTAS bulletin board located in the stairwell to the right of the office door.  In addition, when schedule changes are necessary, they will be posted both on the bulletin board and office door.

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CTAS Staff
Daphney Wadley is the Director of the City Tree After School Program.  She oversees the staff, organization, and implementation of the program.  The rest of the staff is comprised of 3-4 group leaders. These staff members tend to be college students or college graduates seeking a career in education.  They often bring valuable previous experience with children to their positions at City Tree, and a desire to be actively involved with children on a daily basis.

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Extra Curricular Activities

Classes and Clubs
City Tree Christian School offers a variety of extracurricular contracted classes, taught by experienced teachers.  Special clubs and activities are also available to our K-8 students to participate in at minimal or no cost.  All classes and activities take place on our school site. Contracted teachers distribute detailed information about their classes (time, days, cost) to City Tree students each fall. For K-8 students these classes are taught in the after school part of the day or at lunch.

Activities Preschool   K-8
Dance Yes   Grades K-5
Music and Movement 2-3 yrs.   No
School Choir No   Grades 2-5
Chapel Team No   Grades 6-8
Jazz Band No   Grades 5-8
Guitar No   Grades 2-8
Piano TK   Grades K-8
Art No   Grades 2-8
Spanish 3-4 yrs.   Grades K-5
Karate 3-4 yrs.   Grades K-8
Play Ball Yes   Grades K-1
Student Council No   Grades 4-8
King's Daughters No    Grades 1-4
Cub Scouts No   Grades 1-5
Boy Scouts No   Grades 5-8

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Our girls in grades 5-8 play volleyball each fall. We begin practice right after school starts in the fall and is held on our rooftop volleyball court. Good tennis shoes and knee pads are a must for this sport. Our games are played in November and December inside a gym at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Pacific Beach. Cost for participation is $45.00 per student.

Volleyball Sign-up Form
Volleyball Schedule, 2015-2016

Each year interested City Tree boys and girls in grades 4-8 participate in a basketball league with other Christian and private schools. Parent volunteers and staff coach teams. The basketball program emphasizes building basketball skills, teamwork, participation, and sportsmanship.

Most games are played at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Pacific Beach, but we also occasionally travel to other schools for games.  During the season there is about one game per week, most typically on either Tuesday or Thursday. Practices are held after school on our roof playground. The boys' games are played in November-January. The girls' games are played in late January to early March. The cost for each child participating in the season is a $75.00 sign-up fee. This payment covers referees, awards, equipment, and uniforms. 

Basketball Sign-up Form, see you next year!
Boys' Basketball Game Schedule
Girls' Basketball Schedule

We end the year with an Athletics Awards Dinner for all athletes.

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Academic Support

Support for students who need additional assistance academically is critical.  Teachers are available to students to offer informal assistance on a day to day basis. In additional, we have found it very helpful to offer specific structured academic help on an ongoing basis.

Middle School Mathematics Tutoring
Our Middle School Math teacher offers after school tutoring from 3:15-4:15 two days a week throughout the school year.  Students can attend on regular basis or just come when they are struggling with a particular concept or to get some extra assistance before a test.  There is no charge for this help and students do no n eed to sign-up in advance.

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