The Arts

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  Elementary   Middle School   Time
Art x   x   x   o
Band     x   x   *
Chapel Band         x   [
Choir     x       [
Cinamatography Club
    x   x   [
Dance Classes x   x       [
Guitar     x   x   [
Jazz Band     x   x   [
Museum of Art Weeks     x       o
Music x   x   x   *
Piano x   x   x   [
Theater Arts         x   o

 Offerred as Part of the Regular Program
 After School Opportunity
 Offered as part of the Regular Program AND as an After School Opportunity




Children in preschool get many hands-on art experiences each week. They explore and gain experience with many materials and medium during their creative art process. Emphasis is placed on the process rather than on the finished product. Art is a wonderful opportunity for children to express their creativity and also helps develop small motor and eye hand coordination. Part of the art experience is the satisfaction and pride children feel when family members take time to ask questions about their work.

Elementary School:

Art Classes
All K-5 students attend hour long classes, ever other week, with our art teacher, Ms. Estrada. Lessons are aligned to the California State Fine Art Standards. Students learn about the different elements of art, as well as famous artists. Graphite, chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolors, tempura, clay, paper collage, printmaking, markers, yarn, weaving looms are some of the mediums children use in a wide-range of two and three dimensional art projects.

Student work is displayed through several Art Shows during the school year. Special class projects are auctioned off at our school’s annual Gala Dinner Auction. Classes with the art teacher are taught in a separate art room. A ceramics kiln is on site for firing clay projects and glass fusing. In addition to the special art classes students also have art taught by their classroom teacher.

Museum of Art Programs
Students in grades 3-5 attend a special week long program at the San Diego Museum of Art each year. All classes have wonderful experiences visiting the museum, studying art, and creating their own art. Classes walk to the museum first thing each morning and return around lunch time.

Over the three year period students experience-

  • Elements of Art:  The basic element of arts are studies while covering mathematics standards.
  • The Silk Road: This week is based on the Silk Road and the students become merchants and artistans that make art projects to sell at the bazaar. Students grind their own inks, explore calligraphy, weave, make pottery, and build scrolls as part of their study of Asian art.

  • Renesaince Art: Students travel back to the Renaissance in Italy to become well-rounded indivuals interstested in the  arts, lieterature, math, and science.  They work as though they are apprecitce-arttists who are traveling with their master artist.  Student create an architechtual  model of a cathedral, a bookbinding project, an altarpeice, a fresco painting, and staind glass windows. 

Middle School:

As part of the required curriculum for 6th-8th grade, students take short-term courses (units) in a variety of specialty areas. The purpose of Supplementary Curriculum is to expose students to a range of learning environments and skills in order to encourage their natural interests and abilities. This preparation is essential as students move on to high school and college and are able to take concentrated electives. Supplementary Curriculum in the area of art includes art history, theory, and appreciation. Students are exposed to a variety of art mediums and given the opportunity to practice their skills in ceramics, glass fusing, painting, drawing, and photography. Some of these units culminate in displaying art work around the school or in an art show.

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Cinamatography Club

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Dance Classes

Dance is offered as an extra curricular class for preschool  and K-5 students. These classes occur on the City Tree campus and are taught by a contracted teacher who is not employees of the school. There is an additional fee for dance classes.

Flyer for Preschool-Grade 5 dance class

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Children in the Little Blessings and Little Miracles 2 year old classes attend a special 30 minute music class one day a week. This class is taught by our music teacher, Mrs. Shirean Williams. Students have an opportunity to experience music through singing and movement activities. Music is integrated into each day in every preschool class. Children sing songs during circle time, participate in movement activities, and play various rhythm instruments throughout the week. The Annual Christmas program and spring dance give children opportunities to perform for parents and friends.

Elementary School:

Music Classes
All K-3 students attend 30 minute classes, 2 times per week, with our music teacher, Mrs. Shirean Williams. Students in grade 4 and 5 and 1 class per week for 40 mintues.  Singing, movement, music appreciation (composers, classics, instruments), basic music theory, note reading, and multicultural music and songs are all part of the basic music program. In addition to the general music curriculum, students in grade 4 learn to play the recorder. Annual Christmas and spring music programs give students opportunities to perform for parents and friends. Students in grade 4 amd 5 are also in the band  and have classes 3 days per week.

Students in grades 2-5 have the option to join the school choir. The choir, directed by Mrs. Shirean Williams, rehearses outside of the regular class day, 2 times per week for about 30 minutes each time. The school choir helps lead music each week in the K-4 Chapel, performs at school-wide music programs, and occasionally sings at First Presbyterian Church on Sunday mornings.

Choir enrollment form

Middle School:

Beginning in grade 4 all students participate in band, 3 times per week for 45 minute classes. Mrs. Marisol Irwig directs the band with assistance from other teachers. Students break into smaller ensemble groups for some rehearsals and also practice as a whole band. At the start of the school year, new band students, with the assistance of the director, select instruments. Our concert band consists of trumpets, clarinets, alto saxophones, flutes, percussion instruments, and bass guitars. Student instruments can be purchased or rented at local music stores; the school owns a few instruments that can be borrowed for the year. The City Tree Concert Band performs at the Christmas and spring music programs, and other special events.

Band Fees 2014-2015
Band Fee Worksheet & Order Form, 2014-2015
Band brochure, 2015-2016, coming soon!
Instrument borrowing agreement

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Jazz Band
The Jazz Band is an extra curricular activity. It is open to band students by audition. Students rehearse after school 1 or 2 times per week. Students perform at special events at City Tree and First Prebyterian Church.  In the past the Jazz Band has also attended special workshops at Disneyland and performed at Knotts Berry Farm. The Jazz Band is directed by Mrs. Marisol Irwig.

Chapel Team
Students in grade 6-8 can choose to be a part of City Tree's Chapel Team. Singers and musicians serve in the chapel band, while others assist with audio visual equipment and assist with set up/tear down for weekly chapels. Students meet at lunchtime to rehearse and prepare. In addition to leading music in chapel, the Chapel Band occasionally performs at other school and church events.

Piano and Guitar After School Classes:

Extra curricular music classes are available to all students. These classes are taught by contracted teachers who are not employees of the school. There is an additional fee for these classes.

Flyer for guitar lessons with Mrs. Irwig, Grades 1-8, 2014-2015

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Theater Arts

As part of the required curriculum for 6th-8th grade, students take short-term courses (units) in a variety of specialty areas. Each fall City Tree collaborates with Christian Youth Theater to offer performing arts classes to middle school students. As a culminating activity, students showcase their work by performing abbreviated versions of well known musicals such as Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, and Hairspray.

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